YALE YDM 4109 - Intelligent Biometric Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

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Product details of YALE YDM 4109 - Intelligent Biometric Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

  • Features & BenefitsOne-touch Fingerprint Verification Method (Easy Scan)
  • Easy Scan technology has been applied to Conveniently read a fingerprint in one shot without the need to open or conveniently close the cover to enter a fingerprint.
  • Voice Guide
  • The Voice Guide lets you know the operation status and how to set each feature and mode.
  • Smart Touchpad
  • To prevent the password from being exposed due to residual fingerprints after opening a door, a new technology has been adopted to complete the door opening process by touching the keypad with a palm after entering the password.
  • Anti-panic egress with Safe handle
  • For convenience and in case of emergency, the door is automatically unlock whenever the inner lever handle is used. The safe handle will protect from any break-in attempts.
  • Scramble code
  • You can add meaningless number prior to or after the right code when there is a chance of exposing it to others.
  • Alarm (Break-in / Damage)
  • 80dB alarm goes off if anyoue attempts to damage the lock or force the door open, or if the lock detects.
  • Security / Normal mode
  • For multi-user environment, YDM4109 can be to Security (Master) mode that the master can register and delete each user while Normal mode controls all the users at one time.
  • Operation status notification
  • Whenever any operation is made, the keypad informs you what is happened through different alignment of the numbers.
  • Mechanical key override
  • For emergency, it can also be unlocked with a mechanical key.
  • Low battery alarm and emergency power supply terminal
  • It warns in case of low battery with alarm and LED. When the batteries are completely discharged, you can easily supply emergency power to the lock with a standard 9V battery.TypeMortise lockFingerprintUp to 20Mechanical key2PIN code6 - 12 digitsColorBlackThicknesssuitable for 40-80mm steel and wooden door.Backset60mmFront body dimension28.5 (D) X 68.6 (W) X 320.7 (H) mmBack body dimension37.0 (D) x 72.8 (W) x 306.6 (H) mm

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YALE YDM 4109 - Intelligent Biometric Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

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