Telescopic Multipurpose Ladder KME3038Y - Double 1.9m+1.9m

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This telescopic ladder is an essential tool for any type of inside or outside work. Whether you're cleaning windows, painting walls, hanging decorations or renovating a house, this ladder will come in very handy. The ladder is made of high-quality aluminium. While you're working, this ladder ensures you do so safely and securely. Its non-slip feet have been specifically designed to keep the ladder secure on any surface. The steps are also square-profiled with a non-slip system to counter any shifting.

Light weight & easy to carry.
Easy to transport in a small car boot –
No need for a van or roof rack.
Non-slip square-profiled bars.
Safety locking mechanism.
Safe & effortless for a single person to maneuver into position before extending.
Scalable step to step, giving you the perfect working height for every task.
Space saving - Small & easy to store securely.
Max. Load 150KG

Compacting the Ladder - When you finished using the ladder you can retract it down to storage size - Folded the ladder, then close the ladder step by step with your both handles.

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Telescopic Multipurpose Ladder KME3038Y - Double 1.9m+1.9m

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